Defining Eye Shape: Celebrities With Your Eye Shape

Lincoln, Nebraska Makeup Artist: Gretchen Wrenholt

To further help you define your eye shape, I have put together a list of celebrity eye shapes. I still can't believe there is no such list like this available online for makeup artists! It was intriguing putting it together. Now, more than ever, I have no doubt, that every eye shape out there, is gorgeous in its own way.

To use this list as an individual: See the a name or two that matches up with the eye shape that you think you may have. Google image their name, and take a peak at some more photos! Were you right?

To use this list as a makeup artist: Study this list, look at the photos, and be sure to read my next blog on "makeup application for specific eye shapes". I promise you, this will improve your artistry skills ten fold!

Eye shape: Prominent
Kristin Scott Thomas
Mena Suvari
Natalie Imbruglia
Penelope Cruz

Eye shape: Basic
Alicia Keys
Angelina Jolie
Emily Blunt
Kim Kardashian

Eye shape: Downturned

Brittany Spears
Jennifer Aniston
Kate Beckinsale
Katie Holmes
Kristin Davis
Maggie Gyllenhaal

Eye shape: Almond
Amy Smart
Joss Stone
Kat Von D
Kristin Stewart
Taylor Swift

Eye shape: Wide Set
Agyness Deyn
Amanda Seyfried
Kate Moss
Mandy Moore
Zhou Xun

Eye shape: Deep Set
Andie MacDowell
Blake Lively
Eva Herzigova
Nicole Kidman
Renee Zellwegger

Eye shape: Hidden
Anna Popplewell
Avril Lavigne
Leann Rimes
Liv Tyler
Maggie Q

Eye shape: Small
Allison Pill
Anna Paquin
Bar Rafaeli
Geena Davis
Jennifer Garner
Minnie Driver
Eye shape: Close Set
Amber Valetta
Alice Dellal
Ashley Tisdale
Celine Dion
Claudia Schiffer
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Keira Knightley
Paris Hilton

Eye shape: 50/50
Devon Aoki-Almond & Wide Set
Kat Cole-Prominent & Wide Set
Kimberly Stewart-Almond & Close Set
Lucy Liu-Almond & Hidden
Rumer Willis-Small & Close Set
Sarah Jessica Parker-Small & Close Set

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